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​From:  Gordan Van Alstine
Date:  June 11, 3:08 pm

Wow, what a blast from the past, as they used to say. I have many fond memories of KROY and most of the DJs down through the years. I started out living on KROY WAY in 1949. I don't remember listening to much radio then as I was born that year, but I do remember the radio tower at the end of the street. I took notice around the time I started junior high started noticing the ladies about the same time. The Girls, the Cars and KROY, those are some very fond memories. My favorite DJ was Tony Bigg. Where is he now?

Thanks for the memories.​

From: Christopher Chapin

Sent: Saturday, March 16, 2019 7:24 AM
To: webmaster@1240kroy <webmaster@1240kroy.com>
Subject: Kroy Way (Tahoe Park)
Greetings - 
Thank you so much for your website. It has been fun reading about all of the history of 1240 KROY.
I was curious if you had more information about Kroy Way and how that came to be named after the station? Also, do you know roughly where on Kroy Way the tower and transmitter was located?
Thank you again.
- Chris

Here is a sampling of messages we have received from former listeners and website visitors.  They may have been edited for brevity, content or space.

​From:  Dave Morgan
Date:  April 25, 6:29 pm

I grew up in Sac, graduating from Encina High School in 1961. I didn't know what a treasure KROY was, I just took it for granted. Tony Bigg, Jack Hammar and Mark Ford were the most important names that I recall. Mark was the music director and he played "Long Tall Sally" and "Tutti Frutti" by Little Richard, while KXOA was going out on a limb with this rock and roll Music by Pat Boone. Thank you Mark, thank you KROY. I might never have heard Dale Hawkins' "Suzie Q," til Creedence played it. Or “Rumble" by Link Wray til it showed up on an oldies show. KROY cut the color barrier when it was very real in radio. KROY was cutting edge and set the pattern for me as Program Director of KRBE Houston and KSTN Stockton, carrying on the KROY and Drake tradition from 1970-80. Those Ripples from KROY are still flowing thorough the industy's airwaves. Thanks again KROY. RIP​

​From:  Frank Bracamonte
Date:  April 22, 9:05 am

Smilie. I miss 1240 KROY. Me and my mom used to listen to the music every day. My favorite DJs were Big Jim Hall, Terry Nelson and Hal Murray. And my sister used to listen to kroy 1240 AM.


​From:  Steve Summerville
Date:  September 24, 12:11 pm

'SHUT THE CAVE DOOR AND BACK TO PIGMY COUNTRY!!!' My name? Buffalo... Whataya mean what kinda name is Buffalo? Dick Burch where are you? Does KROY have any tapes of shows I can buy from, say 1960 - 1963? I have looked on the Internet and can't find some of the popular songs you played. One had the lyric: Chicago Cha Cha... and another was about the year (title)? 1963. Those were the best years to be alive (however, I had no choice).


From: Marty A.

Sent:  Wednesday, November 6, 2019 10:52 AM

To: webmaster@1240kroy.com


Subject:  KROY!

​Boy, this brings back lots of wonderful memories of my favorite station of all time!

​From:  Alex Cosper
Date:  August 22, 3:47 pm

KROY was one of the first radio stations I ever listened to, starting in 1974. I was thrilled to be a contestant on the air a few times in 1975 for a contest called the Win Ten Bin. You had to guess all ten big prizes based on clues to win them all. I didn't win but it was an idea I used when I became Program Director of KWOD in the '90s. I briefly was on the air as a weekender at KROY in 1990 when it was called Hot 97 which seemed to play the bottom 40 instead of the top 40. That's probably why KROY finally died that year.​