​The KROY Reunion

​Those missing from the above photograph:  (L-R) Dave Williams, John Caselli, Richard Irwin, Zack Boles [former KZAP].


Following an on-air recreation of KROY-AM in the Spring of 1996, staff and friends gathered in the Fall of 2002 at the Woodlake Inn for the evening.

​(Top L-R) Dennis Newhall, Mike Scheuble, John Caselli, John Buckley, Barry K. Fyffe, Johnny Hyde, Hal Murray, Mike Hamiel, Steve Moore, Don Christie, Jim McClain, Tony Cox, Mr. Dwight Case, Jim West, (center) Anita Garner, Sue Keil, (bottom) Dave Diamond, Bob “Blue Whiz” Castle, Terry Knight, Bonnie Cooper-Ogden, Jeff March, Gene Lane, Martin “Wonder Rabbit” Ashley.

All folks are identified Left-to-Right

​The Folks Who Made KROY Possible!

On April 1, 1996 Sacramento listeners were treated to a radio station that had not been on the air for nearly two decades.  Management at KSEG-FM "The Eagle" offered their airwaves for an accurate recreation of KROY-AM for the entire day - a full twelve hours.  The recreation was so complete some Eagle listeners thought KROY had returned to the air.  The music, sports reports, jingles, and a host of original disc jockeys came alive once again and the town was abuzz with the news.  The original format was accurately followed.  To the listener nothing had changed except the date.  The Eagle's phone lines lit up.  The fax machine ran out of paper multiple times.  And some former listeners actually stopped by the Eagle's studio to visit with their former on-air personalities.  A special thanks to Eagle's GM Tom Schurr who gave up a day's "classic hits" and return KROY to the Sacramento airwaves, if only for twelve hours.  And to the participating disc jockeys Johnny Hyde, B. Winchell Clay, Terry Nelson, Dave Williams, Gene Lane and Martin "Wonder Rabbit" Ashley, it was a magical jaunt down memory lane that could never be duplicated.

The KROY Reunion Photo Gallery - October 5, 2002