​Terry Knight Bio, continued             from the Disc Jockey page

Upon graduation from UC Riverside, my plans to attend law school were contravened by

Uncle Sam who decided my participation in the Vietnam War would be a more appropriate

life path.  As a combat intelligence officer with NSA Vietnam, I worked closely with the CIA

and their Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), a radio and TV intelligence monitoring

component.  When off duty, I would gain access to one of their studios and familiarize myself

with a studio microphone, tape recorder, control board and the basic recording/playback process.

It was euphoric!  I was transformed.  

After returning home from the Vietnam war, I decisively abandoned my degree, my leadership

experience and the favorable prospect of a lucrative corporate job and decided to proactively

pursue a career in radio.  I met Martin Ashley, the mid-day Wonder Rabbit on my favorite

station, KROY, and shared my desires to be a radio broadcaster.  Marty provided indispensable

guidance along with an “express training session” after I had been hired by Chuck Roy for

weekends in October of 1972.  WR was a tremendous mentor and a key factor in the launch of my

career in radio. 

Those memorable KROY days were involuntarily concluded in 1979 when General John Ogden

and yours truly were abruptly removed from our #1 and #2 positions by the new owners.  No worries.

It was officially “paradigm shift” time.

Although keeping my state and fed day jobs on track, in 1987 I launched a 1 hour TV show that would continue airing for 11 years.  Finally, in May of 1995, I received a call from KFBK.  Their weekend real estate talk show host had been terminated and they ask me to replace him.  I was back in radio.  Back on the air.  I still can't believe that my show lasted for 21 years and that I'm still broadcasting, now on two Salem Media stations, every Saturday morning.  How interesting and fulfilling that I serve as the programming, talent, promotion and sales steward for the show which is made possible because of a combination of skill sets that were firmly rooted into my life by the radio love of my life, 1240 KROY.

Serving Northern California for 16 years with REAL ESTATE news, information, advice, guidance and solutions

The KFBK Real Estate Show has been serving Northern California listeners for 17 years and is Northern California’s premier Real Estate talk show. Terry Knight, a licensed California broker, produces and hosts the show each week and provides KFBK listeners and callers with news, information, advice and commentary.  Terry focuses on hot real estate topics that impact home buyers, sellers and those listeners that are trying to decide their best course of action in this challenging market.  
Each week Terry discusses new homes, condos and the resale market as well as providing updates on the latest federal and state programs, stimulus opportunities, loan modification strategies, credit issues, property valuation, short sales, foreclosures, financing and his weekly tips for homebuyers and sellers.  

Terry Knight brings 40 years of radio and TV broadcasting experience to the world of Real Estate.  Terry is a well-known California Real Estate Broker who has been licensed since 1980.  The combination of his 35 years of radio broadcasting ability along with 3 decades of real estate experience creates a winning combination on KFBK every Sunday morning.   Terry began his radio career in Sacramento after returning from the Vietnam War in 1972.   He has hosted and produced both radio and TV real estate shows since 1987.

As a licensed California real estate broker, Terry Knight has specialized in both residential and commercial properties.  He has a passion for investing in property and has successfully represented both individual and large institutional investors during his career.

Terry was a combat intelligence officer in the Vietnam War, served 20 years for the National Guard and spent over 10 years as Director of Communications and Public Affairs for the CA Military Department.  

He has been married to his beautiful wife, Cindy, for 33 years, has 2 married daughters and 4 grandchildren.  Whew!