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Bob Sherwood

Bob Sherwood’s broadcasting career began at small and medium radio stations throughout Northern California. He came to KROY in 1967 and successfully rose from Promotions Director, to Music Director, and finally Program Director until his departure in 1971.

For the next three years Bob was an on-air talent/programmer for WRIT Milwaukee, WYSL Buffalo, and WGCL in Cleveland.

In 1973, with his vast knowledge of the music and radio industry, Bob became the National Promotions Manager for CBS Music, Inc./Columbia Records and continued with the company until 1978. He was then promoted to Vice President, National Promotion.

From 1979 through 1981 Bob Sherwood served as President & COO of Mercury Records, and finally Executive Vice President of Polygram Music, USA.

Back at CBS Music, Inc./Sony Music Entertainment, Bob would spend the next ten years with the International Marketing division.

Then, in 1991 Bob became Corporate Senior Vice President, New Business Development for Sony Corporation of America, where he would remain until 1997.

Robert Sherwood Consultants resulted from Bob’s successful background in broadcasting, the music industry, and business development. His clients include Sony Corporation of America for the development of music industry support for Super Audio Compact Disc, Sony, and Philips proposal for next generation high density sound Carrier.