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The motivating, energetic "Music Power" format was the platform upon which 1240 KROY endeared itself to a fiercely loyal audience. From the fall of 1968 through the fall of 1973, KROY was No. 1 in every Arbitron rating book. KROY, known as "the 1240 Rock," dominated stations with 50 times its transmitter power. KROY's secret was chemistry--a potent combination of disc jockeys with winning personalities who were attuned to the pulse of the city and who played an infectious blend of "top 40" hits, many of which were "hitbound" on KROY before they were heard on more timid radio stations in other cities.

But KROY was far more than just a pop music radio station that helped set musical trends and awarded thousands of dollars in prizes to listeners. It was a vital part of the community. KROY had consistently high visibility throughout the city, staging fun events, sponsoring concerts, and organizing goodwill public-service activities that showed the station's concern for the city and its residents. Arriving in the trademark purple KROY fire truck, the station's disc jockeys played host year after year to thousands of Sacramentans at Gibson Ranch picnics, Bridal Faire presentations, teen fairs, and other events.

Similarly, KROY's innumerable contests involved the listeners on a personal level, often with sensational results. When Don McLean's "American Pie" soared to popularity, Sacramentans remained riveted to their radios as KROY dispensed clues leading to a secretive prize location. As the final clues were revealed, the station's listeners converged upon a levee where the KROY disc jockeys were parked in a Chevy--a reference to a lyric line in the song--and they were handing out pies stuffed with $10 bills. The station's haunted mansion, presented in cooperation with a local youth organization each Halloween, became a perennial favorite, as did its Fourth of July spectaculars at Cal Expo.
1240 KROY embodied the spirit of Sacramento.

​Music Power!

The "Chevy on the Levee" secret location (pssst! On Alhambra and "C" Street along the levee) with Chuck Roy and Wonder Rabbit.  Rabbit was the only KROY employee with a Chevrolet!