Martin "Wonder Rabbit" Ashley Bio, continued

​​Trying to explain my special time at KROY is like trying to explain to a layman how an airplane flies. A close friend once told me "good things just come to you." And KROY just came to me.

I grew up in the early 1960s listening to KROY-AM. I remember hearing "Sink the Bismark" (Johnny Horton) over and over all day long. Each time it began, the disc jockey would make up some funny new song title. The station's contest was to guess how many times the record played that day. I also remember Tony Bigg's sign-off, "A kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt."  I remember Dick "Buffalo" Burch's sound drop "Shut the cave door—it's back to Pigmy country!"  KROY's "personality" and humor closely mimicked mine. Or, perhaps, influenced mine. Who knows?

Fast forward to 1969. Although I had previously worked at rival 1470 KXOA, the legendary KROY found me doing 7-Midnight at KELP in El Paso, Texas in the fall of 1969. The next four and a half years were to be the best years in my broadcasting career.  So, what made KROY stand out among all the other stations? The people, plain and simple.  We simply liked each other.  We worked as a team, and thoroughly enjoyed what we were doing.

There is far more to the KROY legacy than my short tenure.  But my throat tightens and my heart rate still increases whenever I say "K-R-O-Y."

In the years following KROY I earned my pilots license, and for a time, flew missions for AirLifeLine.  It rivaled the thrill of being on the air, but it was far more rewarding.

Note:  When Martin first joined KROY in August 1969 he used his real name on the air during his Midnight-6AM shift.  Bob Sherwood was responsible for giving Martin the nickname "Wonder Rabbit" and the rest is history.  At the end of each show listeners would hear "This Wonder Rabbit Program was produced and directed by Martin Ashley."  Therefore, for clarity he was known by both names. 


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