Here is a collection of thoughts, observations, recollections and other weird reflections from the guys and gals who made KROY their home.

​Johnny Hyde recalls the first Beatles record in America

"I don't want to sound like a person taking credit for something someone else did, but I do believe that I was the first person to play the Beatles' music in America, at KYNO Fresno.  In 1962 we added "She Loves You" by the Beatles on the Swan Label.  Then in 1963 I added "From Me To You" on the VeeJay label.  I remember it well as that was the song that I believed in and [program director] Bill Drake didn't.  This led me to leave KYNO and move up the valley [to Sacramento].”​

Dr. Tom Becker recalls KROY stunts

"Stunts were one of the secrets to KROY's success. We were like a bunch of non-stop tricksters. I remember pulling into a gas station in Carmichael during Chuck Roy's show and giving away door knobs, which resulted in a Sig-alert traffic warning. One time Capitol Records told Bob Sherwood he couldn't have any more Beatle advances because they were getting too much heat for playing favorites. The new drill was that KXOA and KROY each would get a telegram telling them that their Beatles single was at the Greyhound bus station for pickup. So, Jack Hammar and I go down to the bus station and walk in separately. I sign for Sherwood and Jack signs for KXOA and we walk out with both copies. Next thing ya know, KROY is playin' the record, yellin' “world premiere” and KXOA had zip.

"One time the audio connection between the KROY studio on Arden Way and the transmitter site at the city dump went down. So, Johnny Hyde calls all the jocks, and we meet at the transmitter and go on the air from there using this little sing-a-long record player with a tiny microphone. I think we only had one record to play over and over. I seem to remember things getting out of hand after a few hours. A few thousand listeners had gathered and clothing was coming off, but just in time, the signal, and order, were restored.

"KROY was a truly great radio station — before, during and after my time there. Thank you, Johnny, Bob, Chuck, Jack, Captain Rick, T. Michael Jordan and, of course, Dwight Case."

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"In Their Own Words​"