KUTE FM Los Angeles, CA Top 10 station 5 yrs. with Midnight-5 Show

KROY Sacramento, CA #1 station in market 2 yrs. as Music Director and Mid-Morning Air show

WACO Waco, Texas... #1 station in the market... 8 years Mornings/afternoon drive

Fifteen years in radio paved my way through college and into California. In Los Angeles it opened

up additional opportunities.

Lives In: Los Angeles… with a Waco, Texas accent
Birthday: June 12
Occupation: Words & Music
Heroes: Moses, Lincoln, my “no matter what” friends
Must Haves: Internet, Sharpies
Nobody Knows I’m: More than a little bit private
If I Could Do It Over, I’d:  Start sooner
If I’ve Learned One Thing In Life It’s: The truth is better than you think it is
Most Humbling Experience: Seeing Monument Valley
The Three Words That Best Describe Me: Now in Progress if I Weren’t

“drawn to show business” I’d Be:  a very average golfer

A singer/songwriter, JD Hinton has composed songs and music for Hollywood films including GLORIA, TICK-TOCK,

and Mark Medoff’s film CHILDREN ON THEIR BIRTHDAYS. This 1942 period film features his song I HAVE TO DREAM

sung by Celine Dion.

JD takes his original music into Los Angeles and New York clubs with sold-out shows at Rockwood Music Hall, Vitello’s, Rockwell, House of Blues and Viper Room. A personal highlight was singing at the Vatican for the Pope.

As heartfelt as the late, great Hank Williams, Hinton’s music has been compared to everyone from Leonard Cohen to Peter Gabriel and Robbie Robertson.

After KROY in Sacramento… Before his music work began… 

JD was the midnight to dawn disc jockey on a highly rated R&B radio station that kept L.A. dancing the night away. Hinton began using improvisational skills he developed as a disc jockey to land acting roles in television and films. His name continually popped up starring on TV shows like “Dynasty”, “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”, “Mork and Mindy”, and recently in the hit show “Jane the Virgin” for CBS. Look for him soon in Reese Witherspoon’s new project “The Morning Show” for Apple TV.

JD Hinton never met a stranger and thinks any day is a good day for chili.

Don Christie / J.D. Hinton Bio, continued from the Disc Jockey page

The Tuxedo Story 
Ahhhh that Tuxedo photo in front of 977 Arden Way.
Here’s the tale:  The “window people” were disappointed I was not at Bridal Fair or whatever that KROY promotion was.  The next week they asked me IF they rented a tux would I wear it on the air? I said sure.  SO, the next weekend they arrived with the tux. I put it on and did my radio show in James Bond Formal Attire. The window folks brought cameras and took photos.  [This] is one of their photos. It was a curious thing to do, but they got a huge kick out of doing it. Big Fun. KROY-Fun time... 9:56 AM and 76°.