I was halfway through my senior year at Washington High School in Broderick (now West Sacramento) when another KROY alum, Don Selasco, talked us

into jobs at KNDE. We were students of Lloyd Shaffer's at Washington's KWHS-FM and thrilled to get our feet in the door at KNDE. But just as we were

about to start at "KANDIE," [ed: pronounced "Candy"] we heard that music director Jo Jo Weed had moved to KROY, along with programmer Steve Rivers.

Thank God that Don was a persistent guy. He talked us into similar gigs at KROY.

We answered the request lines doing passive research, and did whatever else we could talk them into letting us do for a T-shirt and a few albums here

and there. On my first night I got to take calls for Dean Goss. I was actually working at KROY! I was in heaven! Eight months later, there was a need for

guys with FCC licenses (remember those?) to run the KROI-FM automation equipment. So off we went to the KROI facility on Rosebud Lane, just off Auburn

Boulevard near Carmichael. Three months after that I gave my audition tape to KROI PD Robert John, fibbing and telling him that "some guy" dropped it

off looking for a job. The next day, he and Steve Rivers put me on the air there.

Four months later, I was offered a weekend gig at KROY. In four more months, I was doing 2 to 6 a.m. My time there was just so much fun! Here I was at the age of 18 working for the top station in town. I got to meet or work with people I'd listened to as a schoolboy, people like Terry Nelson, Johnny Hyde, the Blue Whiz (Bob Castle) and even Wolfman Jack! The only downside had to be the nickname that engineer Bob McCray gave me. Around him, I was "Teenage Disc Jockey." He was crusty, but I knew he meant well. I ended my KROY career doing 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Later I would work with Terry Nelson again at KXOA, doing middays and imaging. It was pretty cool there, too, as two thirds of us had worked at KROY.

Since leaving Sacramento in 1982, I've been in Los Angeles. I was at KOST for 19 years and did afternoon drive there for 18 and a half. In February 2002, I moved to "Coast" 103's affiliate station, KBIG 104, where I did weekend afternoons and the nighttime dance music show "Boogie Nights." I'd sort of come full circle there, playing a lot of the disco music that I broke in playing at KROY. The difference is that KBIG doesn't follow up the Bee Gees with Golden Earring or the Stones.

In June 2004 I returned to KOST, which welcomed me back in my familiar afternoon drive slot.

I just wish that some mad scientists really could create a time machine, because I'd love to go back and do it all again!

1976-78: KROI (FM) as Brian Mason
1977-78: KROY as Brian Davis
1979-1980: KZAP as Brian Davis
1980-82: KXOA as Bryan Davis
1982-2001: KOST Los Angeles as Bryan Simmons
February 2002-June 2004: KBIG Los Angeles as Bryan Simmons

Since June 2004: KOST Los Angeles as Bryan Simmons

[update Feb-2017]
By the way, I'm now in Albuquerque and am the Program Director and PM Drive at KMGA-99.5 Magic FM, and have been here two weeks now.

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