​Anita Garner Bio, continued


​But it was the behind-the-scenes stuff I loved best and it’s writing that still has hold of my heart. What was fun at KROY was creating commercials with strong characters, then putting these characters into stories that involved the product, and getting the whole thing across in 30 or 60 seconds. Anything I could imagine, Bud Zumwalt (B. Winchell) could bring to life. We went on to work together on many other projects after our KROY years and, though we’re in different cities today, we’re both still making stuff up.

Okay - deep breath. Here comes a list of what Anita Garner has been doing since Lovely Nita hung up her KROY headphones. I’ll take this straight off my current “resume highlights” so I don’t leave out anything professional. The personal stuff is much too sordid for a G rated web site.

VOICEOVERS: Currently the female voice for KCET-T.V. - PBS for Southern and Central California. I’ve recorded promos for all the major networks, and for regional and local television stations all over the nation. I record narration of all types - documentaries, biographies, corporate presentations - everything from lighthearted stories to serious teaching projects.

ON THE AIR: News anchor for radio and television. Top-rated afternoon drive show on KBIG, Los Angeles for several years (where, once again, I got to be the first woman in the job.) Talk radio host. Co-host of nationally syndicated (MCA/Universal) show, “The Great Starship” (with former KROY personality, Byron Paul.) Writer/Producer/Host of nationally syndicated (Media America) show, “Something Special.”

COMMENTARY: 90-second opinion pieces, “The Way We Live” and “First Impressions” aired in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

ADVERTISING: Owned and operated “Capital Marketing Services,” a Northern California advertising agency, while serving as its Creative Director. The agency won many awards for radio, television and print.

INTERVIEWER: Interviewed thousands of guests on radio and television - from celebrities to obscure characters, to experts in every field.

SINGER: I continued to sing in clubs and concerts for years.

CO-WRITER & EDITOR: Ghostwriter of books. I edit, sweeten and co-write screenplays, stories, articles and books.

PLAYWRIGHT: Wrote the play, “The Glory Road,” which had two staged readings in Hollywood and is due now for workshop performances in Los Angeles, prior to its world premiere.

AUTHOR: I’m completing the book, “The Glory Road.” This story is based on one decade in the life of my family, The Joneses, who were evangelists and gospel performers touring the Deep South during the 50’s, making the church music that was the forerunner of rockabilly. If you’d like to hear samples, go to the web site, www.thegloryroad.com and click “continue” until you come to the music links. You can choose from a 50’s recording of my mother, Sister Fern Jones, singing, or listen to the Gaither Gospel Homecoming Choir performing their version of a song she wrote.