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​While radio stations in many U.S. cities succeeded in the late 1960s and early ‘70s with the “Boss Radio” format, Sacramento defied that trend. Branding itself as “the 1240 Rock,” KROY Sacramento attracted a fiercely loyal audience with its on-air "Music Power" format and consistent community involvement. Riding the purple KROY fire truck, KROY disc jockeys made appearances all around town, at concerts, playing in high school basketball games, and conducting crowd-gathering events and contests. And of course they chatted with mobs of listeners who gathered outside the studio window on Arden Way to watch the disc jockeys on the air. As a result, from the fall of 1968 through the fall of 1973, KROY was No. 1 in every Sacramento Metro-area Arbitron rating book.

Within the radio broadcasting industry, KROY gained a reputation for excellence, and catapulted the careers of numerous staff members who gained national renown. Satellite radio, the internet, podcasting and many other factors radically altered the broadcasting landscape throughout the intervening years, however, and following several changes in ownership, another radio station now occupies the KROY dial position.  

This website was developed and is maintained by a group of former staff members and pays tribute to the memories of those and other eras in KROY’s storied history. We’re glad you stopped by this virtual “KROY window.”  Stay awhile and have a look around.

Since the “Music Power” years are often best remembered by listeners, this website will devote its primary emphasis on those years and that of the Top 40 music format era.  However, all KROY eras are included.

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KROY had an exciting and colorful history as one of Sacramento's leading radio stations throughout many decades. A complete year-by-year narrative is available here.

The Legacy of 1240 KROY

By Martin Ashley (aka Wonder Rabbit)
(August 1969 through March 1974)

Each generation has its fads, styles, music, and long list of favorites. Likewise, each generation thinks theirs are the best. And that’s the way it always goes. Except for one little anomaly -- Radio Station KROY.

To its many, many listeners KROY, Sacramento’s “Speaker of the House in the Capital City” [a 1960s slogan], was the quintessential radio station. Even to this very day the memory of KROY is so strong, both in the hearts of those of us who were fortunate enough to have worked there and to the huge multitude of listeners, that this website is testament to those memories. KROY simply was the best radio station ever, period.

But why? What was it about KROY that consistently drove listening through the ratings roof year after year? Was it that KROY was on the cutting edge when rock ‘n roll began? What about the long parade of great personalities who donned the airwaves over the years? The contests? One thing for sure, it couldn’t have been the station's signal. The daytime power amounted to a puny 1,000 watts in comparison to today’s powerful 50,000 watt FM stations. And at night - a measly 250 watts. The signal barely made it across town on some summer nights. Yet, diehard KROY listeners would endure the static and dropout to remain loyal to their station. Later, technical upgrades were made that greatly improved reception and sound quality. However, for its power, KROY dominated the Sacramento airwaves, particularly during the 1968-1974 period.

Many of the disc jockeys continue to hold a special place in their hearts for their time with KROY. Some have kept in touch with each other. Some have lost touch. The comments, thoughts, and memories found on this site all seem to have one reoccurring theme -- that without the leadership of one individual, KROY as we all knew it would not have existed. His name is Dwight Case, our former General Manager. Our Program Director, mentor, leader, and sage, Johnny Hyde, played another huge role in creating an atmosphere of trust, camaraderie, and team. It was a team unlike any other, and generally not found in radio today.

As you peruse, perhaps some of the answers to KROY’s phenomenal success will appear. This website will allow our listeners, friends, former staff, and on-air personalities to keep the magic of 1240 KROY alive. Now the world can see and hear why a 1,000 watt radio station in Sacramento, California will live on in our collective memories -- forever.​

                             This website is supported by a                               devoted group of former KROY                               Disc Jockeys, Production,                                       Traffic, Engineering, Sales and                               station staff members. Thanks                               to these folks we are able to continue hosting a website devoted entirely to all things KROY. This website is dedicated to all our loyal former listeners.​


What was "Music Power?" Read the story behind this unique format and listen to a produced demo!

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Music surveys, or as they were once called the KROY "Tunedex," let listeners view lists of the latest and most popular songs being played on KROY.

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